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I am a combination of many things; diverse universes, stories coexisting in only one body.I have always believed that what really gives richness to life are indeed mixtures. The idea of fusioning together unfamiliar universes; I have always liked to observe these transformations, and try to understand how and why these elements stay together over time.

Because many of that has to do with ourselves; if we stop for a while and think about what really makes us what  we are:

We are fragments of the universe, finding each other.


Everything  is hybrid, constantly changing and building itself, and at the same time just being itself. We are in fact, a  transition between what has been and what will be. We ourselves are a are my creations. 

I think of this  when I go back to my roots; I come from a family with multiple origins, therefore I am the result of endless combinations, that will eternally keep re-discovering each other.

 Ever since my beginnings I’ve studied painting. I am a fashion designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 2018, and an Astrology student since that same year. The combination between these two apparently very different disciplines, is another proof of the beauty of contrasts. Astrology teaches me to observe and try to understand the deep processes of human beings and all of the universe… and through design I bring up things to the material world.

And in a slow but surely path that still goes on, I gave birth to MUGRABI  M ICHELLE.


 I like the human side of things, the sensitive one. I observe the universe and therefore “materialize” it. I like when things have a deep, profound and irreplaceable reason to be, that’s why the pieces I design are not only clutches, bags, belt bags, or whatever they could be; they are objects that enter our world with the main purpose of being able to communicate something for which words are not enough. 

And those messages usually have to do with transformations; personal or universal. They freeze an instant of an infinite process. That is the reason why I usually combine contrasting materials; the inorganic of the acrylics with the organic wood or leather. The cold metal with the warm earth...

It is an automatic mechanism, in which as a result of constantly receiving stimulus from the outside, information does not have any other option rather than going out of my body in the form of objects.


At this point in humanity, the universe is asking us to be observed, and being able to make my contribution to this huge world, through design pieces, is one of my main reasons to do what I do.

But for sure, no one can travel alone through this journey of encounters and discoveries. That's why I invite you to join me along this road, so that when we meet, we can exchange parts of  ourselves, just as fragments of the universe meeting each other.

And the result...we’ll be discovering it….